US Money Card

The Way it Works

The U.S. Money Visa Prepaid Card is actually a reloadable Visa that actually works the same as a debit card. You are able to just invest everything you deposit, so there aren’t any costly overdraft or maybe interest charges. The U.S. Money Visa Prepaid Card is actually the handy option to conventional banking and credit cards. How to get started is easy and quick.

How In order to Use Your Card

Make use of your U.S. Money Visa Prepaid Card globally at any place where Visa is actually approved – in stores, online, or perhaps over the telephone.

-Transfer money from one U.S. Money Visa Prepaid Card to the next.
other expenses and -Pay bills easily and quickly.
-Use the simple on-line ATM locator to locate a MoneyPass ATM around you.
-Shop with confidence knowing the account of yours is shielded from unauthorized purchases as well as fraud if the card of yours is ever lost or perhaps stolen.

How In order to Track Your Spending

with all the functions of the U.S. Money Visa Prepaid Card, you’re in better control of the funds of yours.

-Check the balance of yours as well as transaction history whenever using the internet Account Manager of yours.
-Keep a watch on the spending of yours and conduct card-to-card money transfers with our free U.S. Money Prepaid Mobile app for Android as well as iPhone.
-Sign up to get SMS text alerts whenever a transaction is created with your U.S. Money Visa Prepaid Card.

U.S. Money Visa Prepaid Card
U.S. Money Visa Prepaid Card

The U.S. Money Card Mobile App has exactly the same handy characteristics as the U.S. Money Card site, providing you with secure and safe a chance to access the following:

-Balance inquiry
details as well as -Transaction history
-Card-to-card money transfer
-Location finder

Just like many of the services of ours, the U.S. Money Card app is easy, confidential, and secure to work with! Get access to the account of yours on the go. Obtain the U.S. Money program out of your mobile app store to enjoy all of that U.S. Money Card is offering.

  • Security Questions

Often Asked Questions

Will I change the PIN of mine?

Indeed, you are able to change the PIN of yours by calling 866?872?9820 or perhaps by visiting and choosing the U.S. Money Card buyer login feature.

What if the card of mine is lost or perhaps stolen?

Quickly call customer care at 866?872?9820 to tell them the card of yours was lost or perhaps stolen. You might in addition report your card lost or even stolen on line by logging into the account of yours at

Is the card FDIC insured?

The money of yours is good. The money in the account of yours are actually backed by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), an independent agency of the United States Government.

Adding Money To The Card of yours

How and where could I reload money onto my U.S. Money Card?
Check out some authorized Check Into U.S or Cash. Money Shop retail area to reload money onto the card of yours at no cost.

Add funds with the GreenDot MoneyPak and at any authorized Western Union Agent location.

For additional convenience, you are able to additionally work with the direct deposit service of ours for tax refund, benefits payments, or your paycheck.

Direct Deposit

What’s Direct Deposit?
Strong Deposit enables you to have everything or maybe part of the paycheck of yours, benefits payments, or maybe tax refund electronically sent to your U.S. Money Card account on payday. It’s more secure plus more convenient compared to receiving transaction in the kind of a paper check and will save you the hassle as well as expense associated with having your checks cashed. When working with immediate deposit, the month rate is going to be refunded whether you’ve had one or even more immediate deposits totaling $500 or even more credited to the Card of yours throughout the statement cycle of yours.

Which food do I have to accomplish to set up Direct Deposit?
To enlist in Direct Deposit, simply finish the Direct Deposit aisle of the list card packaging and return it to the employer of yours and also have all or maybe a percentage of your pay deposited straight onto your U.S. Money Card. Need to print a U.S. Money prepaid reloadable Direct Deposit type. The Routing and Account numbers are available on the list card packaging of yours or maybe you might call customer care for help.

At what time are deposits out there?
Direct deposits are actually made readily available on the real date specified by the depositor (the entity paying you), which means that the person Sending the money to the card will designate one day that the funds are actually to be deposited.

Use The Card

What’s the optimum sum of money I am able to have on my U.S. Money Card at one time?
Visa calls for that each U.S. Money Account employ a balance of no greater than $10,000.

Anywhere could I work with the card of mine to create a purchase or even get money?
You are able to use your U.S. Money Card to make purchases at large numbers of merchants, everywhere that debit Visa is actually approved, anywhere. The card of yours could additionally be utilized to get money at ATMs exhibiting the Cirrus or maybe STAR logos.

Is each transaction processed promptly?
Yes. When you use the card of yours, the money will be deducted right away. Please remember that some gasoline stations might “hold” a set amount as well as some restaurants might authorize twenty % above your overall bill to leave space for tip. Any kind of unused money from these holds will be put back into the account of yours when the last length is actually authorized.

Will I work with my U.S. Money Card at a gas station to “pay at the pump?”
Yes. You have to press debit at the gas pump to get into the cash of yours. If perhaps you press credit you won’t have the ability to spend at the pump. Please remember that gasoline stations typically hold $50.00 to $75.00 for these transactions. The unused finances are put back into the account of yours when the merchant settles the transaction.

Will I work with my U.S. Money Card to shop on the web?
Yes. You are able to use the card of yours wherever that Visa debit cards are actually accepted.

What if the purchase transactions of mine are now being declined? Is the card of mine running right?
Your U.S. Money Card is most likely operating as it has to. A number of transactions are actually declined because the buy transaction is actually higher compared to the value on the card. The merchant doesn’t know your card’s balance. You have to see the merchant to split the ticket, placing just the card’s worth on a single ticket and making use of another type of payment for the balance.

Additionally, cards might be declined at restaurants as the restaurant instantly gives an anticipated tip volume to the card authorization, which might bring the complete over the available card balance of yours. When working with the card of yours at a restaurant be certain your card has sufficient value to go over the ticket in addition to a twenty % tip quantity? still in case you do not intend to tip that much or even wish to leave the tip of yours in money.

Precisely why is my U.S. Money Card often authorized for over the quantity of the purchase of mine?
Several merchants put a hold on the money of yours of an amount higher compared to the particular service. A very good instance of this’s whenever you buy ten dolars at a restaurant but they withhold thirteen dolars to go over a potential tip.

This doesn’t imply they’re asking you a lot more. Any hold is going to be taken out of the card account in roughly 5 business days from the particular date of service, or even the moment the merchant releases the pending hold offered the particular length doesn’t go over the total amount withheld (i.e. in case you tip four dolars then the total of yours will be fourteen dolars as well as the merchant would end up getting an additional $1)

Using an ATM

How can I access money or maybe account info with an ATM?
Place the card of yours in the machine and comply with the directions for getting into your individual Identification Number (PIN).

Will I be charged a rate in case I use my U.S. Money Card to withdraw money at an ATM?
The financial institution which owns as well as operates the ATM might impose a fee to the individual withdrawing cash; the financial institution should disclose that fee for every ATM transaction prior to that transaction is actually completed. The ATM rate imposed by the bank which has the ATM differs and besides the ATM rate mentioned in the Schedule of yours of Charges and fees. Examining the balance of yours before conducting a withdrawal could also lead to a Balance Inquiry rate mentioned in the Schedule of yours of Charges and fees.

Card Balance

How can I know the amount of money I’ve on my U.S. Money Card?
You are able to get text message alerts for new balance info as well as purchases. You are able to check the balance of yours as well as transaction story by calling 866-872-9820 and following the prompts or perhaps by signing in to and choosing the U.S. Money Card buyer login feature.

Anywhere could I get the month claims of mine?
You might open as well as print the month statements of yours by logging into the account of yours at and choosing the Statements tab at the roof of the page. You might in addition ask for a paper declaration or even see our internet U.S. Conditions and money Card Terms for associated costs.

U.S. Money Card is actually a fellow member of the MoneyPass Network. ATM owners might charge extra fees. In order to stay away from these charges, make use of an ATM in the surcharge free MoneyPass Network. To find a MoneyPass ATM in the region of yours, go to the internet MoneyPass ATM locator and then select “Find an ATM Near You.” You are able to likewise obtain a totally free mobile phone app for that purpose.

Is there a cap on the quantity of money I am able to withdraw from an ATM?
Yes. You are able to withdraw as much as $1,000 each day from the ATM. Remember that specific ATMs might have the own set limits of theirs on just how much an end user is able to withdraw a transaction.